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Transportation Equipment Financing

One of the most critical aspects of our societies is transportation. There are three significant modes of transportation: air, rail, and water. And these modes have been divided into far more advanced modes that are used all over the world.

We have roads, rails, airways, and ocean routes to transport goods from one location to another. There is also the pipeline, which facilitates the transportation of liquid commodities such as oil and water. Then there's space travel, which entails traveling into space. Finally, there is cable transportation.

More minor modes of transportation, such as human-powered and animal-powered transport, are also extras in their own right.

All of these modes of transport, big or small, need investment at some point, and that is where we come in. At Equify financial, our transportation industry financing branch will help your transport and transit company get to the goals of finally offering your clients the best transit solutions.

Transportation businesses we cater to without financial loans:

Operator or owner trucking

The truck business is a vital part of the supply chain, and we are here to help in transport financing. Our loans can cover the purchasing of these trucks, leasing, maintenance, and repair to enable smooth running. These loans are available for both trucking companies and individuals who work in the industry.

Moving van businesses

Equify transportation industry financing loans can also help moving van businesses that help people move property from one location to another. Our loans help in covering insurance costs that may be hefty for these businesses. We come in to fill in that blank space.

Specialty transportation (moving airplane parts, cars, perishables)

Getting these specialty transport vessels is a considerable investment that start-ups may be unable to finance independently. We come in to help these companies get the proper specialized transportation plus the right equipment to get the job done. The modifications needed also cost billions, and we will help however we can.

Livestock transportation

Farm livestock, sports, and guard animals require specialized transportation that can cost billions of dollars. Equifty transportation financing comes in to help farmers and any other party involved in animal transit get suitable vehicles to carry their live animals and get them to their destinations safely.

Boats and other water vessels

Boats and other water vessels also need special care, more so getting the best products is expensive. Our funding can help in the acquisition, maintenance, and leasing of these vessels. Fishers, researchers, and scientists using these vessels can come to us for transportation loans to help them become more efficient in their fields of work.

Air transport

Commercial airlines, private plane, and helicopter owners can get in touch with us and secure a loan to get these vessels for lease or purchase to make their work easier. We are a big company willing to accommodate air transport to ease movement of goods and people.

Marine shipping and transportation

Shipping is yet another considerable part of the transportation industry, and we can help too. If your company just got started and wants to expand, you can secure a transport financing loan with us, and we shall be happy to help.

Senior service

Seniors citizens deserve comfortable transit to get to doctors' appointments and have visits. A company that has started offering this service could also greatly benefit from our transportation financing loans and benefit guaranteed growth. It would be best if you had the right vehicles also health support equipment at your disposal in case of anything. Equify Financial loans can help you get all that plus more.

Medical transportation

This includes ambulances and other hospital-grade vessels that help patients move from one place to the other. It also entails organ transportation which requires special healthcare equipment and more. Using a transport equipment loan from us, medical transportation can become streamlined and better.

Taxi service providers

These include people who would like to get a loan to start their Uber or other taxi services. One may need a loan to purchase the vehicles and start working as they pay the loan. The loan may also be used to cover repairs, expand the business, or buy more vehicles.

Bicycle rental

As we move towards low carbon-emission transportation modes, this is an excellent idea that we are willing to take up. Bicycle rental businesses are picking up all over the world, and Equify Financial transportation loans are here to help you get that rental business going.

Limousine services

Luxury cars for hire for significant events like weddings and major parties need transport financing too. The finer things in life do need transportation loans. Equify offers any limousine service provider loans that are tailor-made to fit the size of the business with flexible payment schemes to enable the business to operate, grow and pay back what has been borrowed.

Reasons You Might Need Transportation Financing

Whether it is a limousine business, hauling, or public transport provision, you may need transportation financing for the following reasons:

  1. Acquiring equipment.
  2. Expansion of business.
  3. Renovations, repairs, and replacements.
  4. Permits and licenses.
  5. Miscellaneous

Transportation Equipment Acquisition

All the sectors we work with require pieces of equipment that are specific to the industry. For instance, medical transportation requires EMT tools that are very expensive to get for a private ambulance company. That said, Equify Finacial comes to help with the funding on getting such pieces of equipment.

We can help you purchase these items or lease them. If you go with the leasing option, we hold it as collateral for the loan. The loan can also be instrumental to helping you get the operational transportation vessels in your said area of operation; air, water, road, or rail transportation.

The Equify Finacial deal you get

We are very dedicated to helping you get started in the best way possible. Thus, we formulate the best plans and use our financial advisors to get the best deals in the transportation industry. We offer customized payment plans and set up manageable and reasonable installments that your business will manage.

With a transportation equipment loan taken for supplies acquisition, either for purchase or leasing, our goal is to give you a boost and become the leader in your sector with the best vessel and equipment there is.

Expansion of business

Suppose you have been in business and it is time to expand, but you do not have the funds! Well, look no further.

Equify Finacial can lend you a helping hand so that you can grow your business. Be it adding a fleet of taxis, trucks, boats, or maybe get a new helicopter for your tourism business, we have got you covered.

Business expansion has a lot of expenses beyond getting new equipment. There is the hiring of new staff, getting more office space, and getting new licenses which cost a lot. With our financial advisers on your team, you will have a smooth expansion, making you bigger and better.

The Equify Financial deal you get

We promise that you will get a tailor-made loan with terms and conditions that only fit you and your business. There is transparency in money transactions with no hidden fees. Our team is at your beck and call whenever you need them, and the duration of payments is negotiable in the best interest of both parties.

Renovations, repairs, and replacements

Most of the devices used in the transportation industry are prone to wear and tear. So much so, our transportation loans could help you get things back on track. The maintenance, service, and replacement fees may be part of the expenditure on the loan you get from us.

The Equify Finacial deal you get

Equify Financial offers you a clean slate of transparent communication with all dealings. Our experts in the industry will offer you advice on the best vendors and most affordable service plans. We will customize all your borrowing plans and offer a payment plan that works for you.

Permits and licensing

Every transportation sector we work with requires special permits and licenses to operate. And the funds you get from us could very well be used to help you get them. Some might cost thousands of dollars that you cannot foot on your own, and we are here to help.

The Equify Finacial deal you get

We offer customizable loans that fit the needs you have for your business. And we also insult on the fastest routes to get these permits and licenses. With us, you get the whole package: funding and consultation.

Miscellaneous equipment Financing

Finally, we have the miscellaneous that your company may require. Some of these things you can use our loan to generate funds may go into energy like fueling, staff payments, and other small charges that come with the job.

The Equify deal you get

We help you set up a budget that will help you efficiently utilize these funds to make the loan more profitable.

Why You Need Equify Financial On Your Team

If your search bar has been being filled with the search phrase "transport financing companies near me", look no further because we've got you covered. We have extensive transportation industry financing knowledge to assist you in growing. You can expect excellent service, transparent transactions, and honest counsel every step of the way with us on your side.

We have not only financiers who understand money but also transportation experts who understand everything about the industry.

Equify Financial should always be your first choice among the best transportation companies in your area. Here are a few reasons why:

  • All of our transactions are open and honest.
  • We create a plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.
  • We assist you in making sound financial decisions.
  • We personalize your payment plans.
  • We customize your financial terms.

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