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Manufacturing is a significant contributor to the global economy. It employs a large number of people and is always hungry for more. Manufacturer output is in high demand now more than ever, making manufacturing companies an important industry in global markets.

The whole concept of manufacturing aims at transforming raw materials into usable products. And everything from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the transportation we take go through the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing is an essential contributor across the globe, and it ought to be given that same attention. It involves all processes from the farm to the table and everything in-between. 

If you are looking to start an F&B plant or expand your current one, an Equify Financial loan might be the boost you require.

Industrial equipment financing is a reality that's within your reach. We will help you secure manufacturing financing guaranteed to drive growth margins exponentially in your consumer-oriented industry.

Manufacturing Companies That May Benefit From Equify Financial Funding Plans:

The manufacturing industry is extensive, and every company and sector is unique in its processes. However, one on this is common in all of them. That thing is funding. 

Some may have the sources to get this fund, while others might struggle to secure these funds for one reason or the other, and there is where we come in.

Here are some of the major divisions of the manufacturing sector that Equify Financial can assist in becoming more efficient:


Another consumer-oriented industry, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, equates to more than 50% of total manufacturing companies globally. With the increased competition, we at Equify Financial understand your desire to keep ahead of the competition.

We give you the financial tools to grow your business. Get to stay afloat in the competitive market with an Equify Financial loan.

Electronics and computers

Nearly all appliances, gadgets, and devices require a power source. And with the increased popularity of smart technology, computers have become a vital aspect of everyday life. Thus the prevalence of electronics and computer manufacturing companies.

Equify Financial loans can then become a fundamental piece of the puzzle to help you get the funding you require to expand your business. Technology is vast and expensive, and we are here to help ease the financial burden as you concentrate on the making part of the process.

Clothing and textile 

All textiles and clothes are categorized and are manufactured in a mill. And every aspect of the manufacturing process incurs costs. Everything from the harvesting of the raw materials to the last stage on retail involves funding.

Equify Financial offers this funding to help the clothing and textile companies become more efficient at their jobs. We offer flexible terms and payment plans, enabling the business to grow as you settle your loan debt.


The transportation sector comprises planes, ships, trains, and automobiles. The transportation equipment manufacturing industry is responsible for their production. 

Industrial equipment finance companies like us are here to keep your operations running. We provide loans for equipment financing and business acquisition to facilitate your expansion.

Paper and wood

Global production of paper and wood products is a big-time player in the manufacturing industry. Equify Financial gives you loans that are tailored to cover permits, purchase of equipment and raw material, hire employees, and meet payroll demands.


Most parts for equipment and structures are produced in metal manufacturing factories. This heavy industry sector has massive requirements. For instance, equipment costs account for about a third of all operational costs. 

Therefore, consider our manufacturing business financing if you have found yourself typing into a search engine seeking 'Industrial equipment finance companies near me. Equity Financing is here to help you reach your goals.

Petroleum, plastics, and chemicals

This industry facilitates many other manufacturing companies—the sector sans chemicals that are utilized in other industries. Manufacturing equipment finance companies like ours provide funding to top up whatever you're lacking.

We are here to bridge that gap that may have formed due to a lack of funds. If an investment is what hinders your sector from growing, we are here to help.

Reasons You Might Need Manufacturing Financing

We have established that manufacturing requires funding from the very first stage of getting the raw materials. But below, we have the exact needs your company might have that require funding. 

  1. Acquiring equipment

  2. Refresh inventory

  3. Hire additional staff

  4. Cover payroll

  5. Miscellaneous

Equipment Acquisition 

Innovative technology is completely transforming industrial trends. Manufacturing environments require a plethora of equipment to maintain flow in the business. Even so, some numerous updates and upgrades require funding, something we can help with.

It is important that you continually take advantage of the latest innovations to enhance operations and stay on top of your game. However, the cost of replacing equipment or purchasing new ones can be prohibitive. 

This is where we at Equity Financial come in. Let us provide the funds you require and take advantage of supplier discount opportunities.

Whether you choose to purchase the equipment or lease, we have your back. We work out a personalized strategy to provide financial support and advice to become an industry leader. Additionally, we provide counsel to put you in touch with Manufacturing equipment lenders near you.

The Equify Financial deal you get

We are very interested in providing you with the stability you deserve. Our team of experts is accessible 24/7 to help you determine what your manufacturing equipment financing needs are.

At Equify Financial, we help you figure out available financing options and customize a payment plan that suits your specific needs. 

Finance your inventory

Are you worried about funds to take care of your inventory expenses? Worry no more. You can access financing to outgrow existing supplier credit terms. The funding enables you to continue buying raw materials to fulfill large orders.

The Equify Financial deal you get

We tailor our services to fit all your financial needs to meet every money issue your business might be having. We aid you with funding to also help you better manage your inventory by getting the best tech and equipment to ensure the same.

Cater to staffing needs

With growth come staffing needs. Hiring new employees consumes valuable resources with interviews, training sessions, and whatnot. You need to take care of your teams well to help you get the best job done.

The Equify Financial deal you get

Your members of staff need to be well looked after. So much so, the financial aid you get from us will help you get your house in order so that you can give them the best resources that will enable them to become the best at their jobs.

Cover payroll

Is cash often tied up in invoices and inventory that you struggle to make payroll? Missed payments have a detrimental impact on manufacturing businesses, and we can help you fix that.

Avoid resentment building up in your human resource, which reduces their productivity potential and trust in the company.

We give you access to the much-needed financial help required to maintain your workforce.

The Equify Financial deal you get

At Equify Financial, we understand that human resource is a significant component of any manufacturing company. We design our financial services for all sizes of manufacturing companies, ensuring you achieve the financial capability to cover payroll without affecting other sectors of operation.


You will surely incur unplanned costs. Petty charges often arise from time to time. Sometimes they catch you off-guard and unable to obtain cash flow.

For instance, a broken-down factory machine leads to downtime, which decreases productivity. Best manufacturing equipment finance companies, like Equify Financial, guarantee loans to help you tackle such miscellaneous requirements.

The Equify Financial deal you get

We give short notice loans to help cater to miscellaneous costs such as documentation fees, maintenance, and renovations. We have flexible borrowing plans and payment strategies to assist you adequately.

Why You Need Equify Financial On Your Team

If you've been looking for a financial solution for your manufacturing company, then look no further. Equify Financial offers loans to tackle even the most daunting cash flow needs. 

We have garnered years of experience providing financing for manufacturing companies. Our team has financiers and experts who understand the manufacturing sector.

We tailor-fit the solution to match the specific issues concerning the lack of working capital. Here is why you should let Equify Financial provide your next line of credit. Equify Financial provides:

  • Straightforward transactions. We uphold transparency. So, no hidden fees.

  • Tailored plans to suit your specific needs.

  • Personalized payment plans. 

  • Customizable financial terms.

  • Timely funding decisions.

  • Real-time customer support.

  • Hassle-free experience.

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