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In the 21st century, oil and gas are considered the lifeblood of industrialized nations and have been providing homesteads with energy since the mid-1950s. When mined, crude oil is just a black liquid made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons. It must undergo a distillation process. The contents are boiled to a set temperature and separated into different liquids and gases in a distillation column stored separately.

The end products of the distillation process are petrol, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, LPG, and oil. They have many uses which can't all be listed; some of the uses include heating homes, propelling heavy machinery in industries, propelling cars, ships, and planes. Also, it is used as a raw material to make products such as solvents, plastics, polyurethane, and a lot more intermediate and finished goods.

Despite oil and gas being an essential product, the cost incurred during the mining, distilling, and transport of the finished commodity are very high, and that is where we as Equify Financial come in. At Equify financial, the oil and gas branch will work closely with you to ensure that your company has the financial capacity to provide this essential commodity.

Financial solutions we offer our customers.

Here at Equify Financial, we ensure that our clients get a solution to their financial problems without necessarily being a burden to you. Some of the methods we use include

Oil and gas financing

The rise in demand and prices of oil and gas products in recent times means entry into this industry becomes harder. If your company needs to expand its operations or venture into the oil and gas industry, you don't have the financial resources. Worry no more because we at Equify Financial got you; we offer you the oil and gas financing you need to expand.

Energy financial solution

Due to the disadvantages of global warming associated with pollution, companies have been forced to replace their old machines with new eco-friendly ones that emit less waste to the environment. These machines are expensive to acquire, and that is where Equify Financial comes in; within the gas and financing arena, we will provide your company with the financial resources required to enable you to replace these antiquated fixed assets as well as help you to fund new products and deploy services required. After all, we at Equify Financial should all work towards sustainability and preserving the earth for the future generation.

Energy funding

The energy sector is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Due to the realization that there has been an overreliance on energy products and things are starting to move towards renewable energy, such as solar panels in homes, low carbon transportation, windmills, and the emergence of electric cars.

This all points to the oil and gas industry losing its market share as people are moving towards the renewable energy direction. Energy-based companies have started to invest in alternative businesses to prevent them from becoming obsolete in the coming future.

This is where we come in. Equify Financial will provide the energy funding required for the companies in these sectors to venture into other fields while still producing oil and gas. With our financial capability, we will ensure that you land on your feet by providing the money to invest in your idea and make it a concept that can work.

Securing Energy financing for your business

Suppose you are looking to venture into the energy industry and have no idea how to go about that. Equify Financial has capable staff that will assist you in securing oil and gas financing for your business. We will take care of your financial burden, thus fully focusing on running the company and making sure that it is successful.

Reasons you may need FiNancing.

Be it you are entering the energy industry, or you are already a company that trades in this industry, there are numerous reasons why you may need funding; these reasons may include

  1. Expansion of your business
  2. Purchasing of equipment
  3. Miscellaneous   

Expansion of your business

With the increasing demand for oil and gas-based products, you may be willing to expand your company to a new location to gain a new market, and you may not have the funds.

Equify Financial can assist you in your venture so that your business can grow. The business expansion comes with many expenses, be it the cost of moving equipment from one place to another, the cost associated with machines' purchase, getting licenses that cost a lot. With our financial advisors, you will have a stress-free expansion, giving you the mental ability to ensure the expansion is a success.

The Equify Financial deal you get

With us, you get the best financial advice from our qualified staff who have experience with money and oil. Also, our experts in the industry will offer you advice if the decisions you are making are worthwhile and not a waste of your time and money.

Purchasing of equipment

Oil and gas-based machines are expensive and may cost a fortune to acquire. A business should also have furniture, stationery, and other equipment like air conditioning, which ensures that the said company employees have a good working environment for them to be productive.

We know that furnishing an office and still being able to purchase and maintain the required machines in this sector is so expensive, and that is where we come in. Equify Financial will move in and sure that you have all the resources required to operate effectively.

The Equify Financial deal you get.

Our experts will assist you in selecting the best deals on machines and equipment while still minding the machine's price, quality, and efficiency rate. We will ensure that you get the best deals at a reasonable price and that you won't have to go through the stress of payment as we got you.


Machine breakdowns are unexpected and cannot be planned for, and they can cause your operations to come to a halt. You can use our loans to service your machines.

The Equify Financial deal you get

We cushion you against the unexpected need for money by providing you with a loan, and we help mentor you on how to best allocate your funds. 

Why You Need Equify Financial On Your Team

We have extensive experience and knowledge of energy companies that will assist you in growing.

We are equipped with experts in energy, and we will assist you with any queries you have. On top of that, we will provide the financial backup required to thrive in this industry.

Having a hard time choosing energy financing companies near me, then choose Equify Financial because;

  • We assist you in making sound financial decisions.
  • All of our transactions are open and honest.
  • We create a plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.
  • We personalize your payment plans.
  • We customize your financial terms.

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