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Construction Equipment Financing

Equify Financial is your construction equipment financing partner. We offer a wide range of financing and leasing solutions to help you conserve capital to support your business objectives strategically. Our construction industry financing specialists can work with you to choose and customize the financing options that fit your business.

Because our Equify Financial teams can assist you with the financial aspect of it all.

Equify Financial is a group of real financiers who are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. Our teams have the extensive industry knowledge and are here to assist you in any way we can.

Here are some of the services we offer you:

  • Equipment financing
  • Equipment revolver
  • Debt restructuring

Now let's dig a little deeper individually into these three sectors we have just mentioned.

Equipment financing 

This construction equipment financing loan is a lease used to obtain all of the necessary equipment for use in the construction or operation of the business.

Equipment financing loan is the best for:

This type of loan is ideal for start-up businesses that lack the necessary funds to launch or expand their operations. In this loan option, you are protecting your business because the equipment serves as collateral if you cannot meet your end of the deal and repay the loan.

There are generally two options for construction equipment financing, and they are as follows:

  • Obtaining the loan to buy equipment, or

  • Getting the loan to lease the equipment.

Loan for purchasing construction equipment 

The benefit of this arrangement is that you will fully own the construction equipment once your company has paid off the loan. You can then sell them to upgrade or continue working with them as they wish, or even lease them out to other businesses that require this type of equipment.

Loan for leasing construction equipment

The second option of taking a loan to lease building equipment is viable if the company needing the tools cannot cover the down payment or pay the whole amount using the loan. It may also be a wiser choice if the equipment in that industry gets obsolete fast, or they might not need them after completion of the project, and buying would be a downside rather than a benefit after a while. This is best for hiring giant construction equipment like cranes and mixers.

Some of these lease contracts may allow you to buy this equipment at the end of the lease duration. And it is you to decide if you want to keep leasing or buy the equipment. The great thing about leasing is that you can easily upgrade and not worry if the one you have is obsolete.

Construction equipment financing companies like ours will help you decipher which is the best option for your business.

The Equify Financial deal you get 

Our company offers tailor-made payment plans that fit the size of your loan. We also structure all the transactions that best suits you in that if it a home construction or a business one, you are well-catered to. The financing terms are individualized, and we work hand-in-hand with you to steer you forward to get you what you require and need.

Equipment Revolver 

## Equipment revolver loan is best for:
This loan is best for operational construction purposes. It particularly helpful in industries that often face sharp fluctuations in their cash flows or unprecedented expenditures. It is also very viable for a constantly expanding company and needs loans whenever they have a new building project in their plans.

With this loan, you can borrow and repay whenever you need the funds and pay up when you have enough to cover the previously borrowed funds. This kind of loan is a short-term financing option because the payments are made relatively faster to enable borrowing again.

Equipment revolver loan is best for:

This loan is best for operational construction purposes. It particularly helpful in industries that often face sharp fluctuations in their cash flows or unprecedented expenditures. It is also very viable for a constantly expanding company and needs loans whenever they have a new building project in their plans.

The Equify Financial revolver deal you get

Our company is dedicated to ensuring that your project goes smoothly with enough equipment and materials to finish the project in time. We formulate the best transaction channels for your said project. We offer tailored payment plans and customized financing terms for maximum benefit.

Debt reconstructing 

It is never the dream to build a house or business with loans you cannon pay. But sometimes, due to bad planning, you end up with a debt weighing you down. Equify Finacial can help you reconstruct all that debt and put you on a plan that will allow you to finish your project in time and, most importantly, finish paying off the debt in time.

Construction industry common causes of insolvency 

Insolvency is when your company cannot meet the terms of a loan payment after or during a loaned establishment development.


Suppose the construction project does not channel the amount of money that it was projected to. In that case, a company can find itself dealing with debts when a company with such a case of unprofitability may need help to get out of debt to avoid extreme consequences of debt collection.

Unprecedented price increment

If the loan borrower does not cover all the costs needed to pay the workers, pay for the equipment, and other factors due to prices fluctuating, they may end up in debt. This price increase may hold so many things back, leading to the loan not getting paid and also the project never getting finished.

Late payments

If the borrower is also not adamant about covering the payments on time, that may accumulate debt. And the accumulating amount, which is also gathering penalties, will be tenfold what they borrowed in the first place. 

Our business is all about your business; we will work with you to find the best solution for those unforeseen times that might affect your business's cash flow. 

The Equify Financing deal you get 

After you contact us about debt reconstruction on your construction project, here are some of the things you should expect to get from us:

  • A negotiated extension of payment terms.

  • A reduction in interest rate.

  • A reduction in the remaining balance or bringing forth a past-due account to current and allow you to pay with no penalties.

Instead of languishing in debt that may kill your business, contact us today so that we can help you get out of that trap. With us on your team, you will finish your project and pay your debts on time and in full.

Why You Need Equify Financial On Your Team

If you have been searching for construction equipment lenders near me, search no further because we are here. We have three strongholds to help you get financial loans to get equipment, a revolver loan, and debt reconstruction. With us on your team, you are guaranteed excellent service, transparent transactions, and honest advice all the way.

We do not just have financiers who know money, but they are also experts in the construction industries, thus understand everything in the sector.

Of all the construction equipment companies near me, Equify Financial should be your pick every time. Here are just a few points why:

  • All our deals are transparent.

  • We tailor-make a plan that works for your specific needs.

  • We get you out of debt.

  • We help you make sound financial decisions.

  • We customize your payment plans.

  • We individualize your financial terms.

Equify Finance is the construction equipment finance company you need on your team. So contact us today to get the financial assistance your construction project deserves. Contact us and follow us on our LinkedIn account, and we shall happily attend to you, even answer any questions you might have.

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