Agriculture is typically a pillar of many economies. It provides food for the country, income for farmers, and benefits the government if these agricultural commodities are exported.

With agriculture being so important to the world, we take pride in funding all agricultural projects. We have financiers with extensive industry knowledge, and as a result, we consider our company to be the best.

Look no further if you're looking for agriculture equipment finance companies near me; we've got you covered.

What is agriculture finance?

Agriculture financing entails researching, investigating, and analyzing all financial aspects of agriculture and the farm business. Agriculture finance encompasses everything that involves the use of money on the farm.

Equify Financial's experts are agriculture experts who know everything there is to know about the industry. That is why we are here to assist.

Types of agricultural sectors we cater to with Our financial loans:

There are essentially nine different types of agriculture that any country or individual can enter and start a business. All of these agricultural sectors require funding, and Equify Financial can assist. Here are the nine farming sectors and how they can benefit from the Equify Finacial Ag equipment financing.

Shifting cultivation 

This type of agriculture entails clearing the forest by burning and slashing to farm. The land is tilled until the fertility is depleted, which usually takes five to ten years.

However, due to obvious environmental concerns, this practice has been discouraged, and as a result, it has declined in recent years. As a solution, trees and other plants are grown after the tiling is completed to reclaim the previously existing forest cover.

Funding would be required here to purchase equipment, labor, and the land to be cultivated.

Nomadic herding 

This is the practice of herding livestock animals in the natural green pasture. It is prevalent in areas with open fields and places that are sparsely populated. It is also another practice that s slowly dying down. 

Regardless, some of the things they would need funding on are buying the animals, getting insurance for the livestock, medical funds, and labor.

Rudimentary sedentary tillage

This type of agriculture includes tilling a land all through and then leaving it to follow after a while. After this period, the land is cultivated one more.

Equify financial may come to help in the hiring of the equipment through agriculture equipment financing. The farm equipment lenders can lease the equipment used in the tilling of land for the cultivation period since they might not need it for the whole while the land lays bare. Labour and buying of the land might also be a possible reason to seek agricultural financing.

Livestock ranching

Unlike nomadic agriculture, where the herders move in open spaces, livestock ranching is in a vastly fenced area. Here the animals are fed, grazed and all their needs are met in this one area.

Funding from Equify Financial may be instrumental in acquiring this land, buying the animals, and taking care of them. Insurance, medical, and starting a business to supply the animals' produce like milk, cheese, pork, and any other foodstuff may also need funding.

Commercial plantation

This kind of agriculture entails growing cash crops mainly to make refined goods in a larger market. Some of the crops grown are fruits, tea, coffee, cocoa, palm oil, and spices.

Since commercial plantations are done on extensive land, Equify Financial can help purchase this land. Labour, insurance, certificates, and licenses are also possible things that commercial farmers may benefit from Equify Financial's funding.

Mixed farming

Mixed farming is when one practices both livestock and plant farming. It involves having both on the same piece of land and gaining profits from both.

Funding may be needed for equipment, buying land, taking care of the animals and plants, licenses, permits, and labor.

Specialized horticulture

This entails the growing and distribution of horticultural plants like flowers. Since they are high perishable goods, they need to get to the source in short periods because they are fast-moving goods. 

Equify Financial may help fund quick transportation by assisting the farmer in developing appropriate transportation vessels like tracks and cargo planes. They may also help in operational costs, licenses, insurance, labor, and equipment, to mention a few.

Subsistence agrculture 

This small-scale farmer keeps both animals and crops just enough to feed and support their family members. They usually do not require a lot of funding, but if they want to expand and become commercial, Equify Financial may help fund this expansion dream.

The acquisition of more land, labor, equipment, and permits are some of the other things that Equify Financial might help with.

Intensive subsistence farming

This mainly entails the growth of crops such as rice, millet, and wheat. These crops are used primarily to feed larger areas of people besides the farmer's family.

The funding from Equify Financial may help with land acquisition, tilling the land, hiring, training, paying workers, and building storage facilities for the produce.

Dairy farming

This involves keeping cattle to produce milk. If a farmer has a big ranch with numerous cattle herds, they may use a loan from Equify Financial to get equipment for the milk harvesting. They may also use this funding for maintaining the business, distribution, and expansion.

Reasons you may need Agricultural Financing

All the types of agriculture sectors names above could benefit from us because our loans can significantly help. Here are some of the reasons you may need our assistance:

  1. Input financing

  2. Emerging farmer finance

  3. Asset financing

  4. Establishment loans

  5. Installment finance

  6. Vehicle finance

  7. Special mortgage loans

Input financing 

These loans are taken to buy livestock, feeds, seeds, fertilizer, and any other tangible farm commodity. Input financing may not get you the extensive farm equipment, but the small tools might be acquired with this loan. 

Nevertheless, all ag equipment financing companies, including ours, will lay down the terms so that you fully understand what the loan can cover.

Emerging farmer financing 

This is a loan given to an individual who wants to start a farming business to get everything they need. The size of the loan depends on the size they would like the business to start. Agriculture equipment finance companies usually take this kind of loan to be risky, but the good thing is that the equipment, materials, and land bought may serve as collateral.

Asset financing

This is when a farmer does not have enough money to acquire a particular asset. This may be the livestock, land, or equipment. So much so, Equify Financial offers assistance in getting any of the investments mentioned above.

Some of the equipment that a farmer can get from agriculture equipment lenders are milking equipment, tractors, harvesting equipment, and other assets that require an upfront payment. Leasing is also allowed in our agreement.

Establishment loans

This is a financing deal that perennial farmers get from lenders. They are usually tailored for farmers who grow crops like sugarcane, citrus fruits, timber, or vineyards.

These loans are also instrumental if you want to expand your farm business to add more land to increase produce and distribution.

Installment finance

If you are searching for ag equipment finance companies near me, you will be glad to know that at Equify Finance, we offer you installment financing.

Installment financing is when you get a loan to acquire a specific asset. This asset is essentially the lender's property until you can fully reimburse the payments made. Equify Financial is the perfect farm equipment lender near me if that is what you have been looking for.

Once you pay fully, the asset becomes yours. If not, it remains the possession of the lender.

Vehicle Finance

Equify financial loans are offered for vehicle acquisition and leasing too. The farm may need specialized motorcars such as tractors, feed mixers, harvesters, and transportation tracks which are expensive to get if you do not have the funds.

Under this farm equipment lenders loan, you have the freedom to buy the device or lease it for a period.

Special mortgage loan

This exceptional loan is fundamental to help farmers who want to expand but are held back by issues such as restricted farmland or equipment. It is a long-term loan that waits until the business grows and becomes profitable.

For this loan, there are special terms that Equify Financial experts will share with you once you apply.

The Equify Financial deal you get 

We are dedicated to helping farmers grow their businesses, and that is why you need us on your team. Once you get on board, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Open and transparent transactional deals.

  • Tailor-made loan plans.

  • Financial consultancy and advice in the industry.

  • Personalized payment plans.

  • Customized financial terms.

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