Location: Fort Worth, Texas

General Overview:

The Senior Credit Analyst is a finance professional who works interdependently to assess credit requests and is responsible for evaluating and underwriting the credit history and financial information of business organizations and its individuals to identify the risk level of extending credit or lending money. 


  • Prepare and present written credit reviews for commercial, construction, transportation, and other industrial entities utilizing the Six C’s of Credit. 

  • Consult with business owners, executives, and corresponding financial team members to understand, resolve, and provide financial solutions. 

  • Analyze commercial and individual credit data and financial statements to determine the degree of risk involved in extending credit. 

  • Generate, understand, and explain key financial ratios. 

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of financial data to interpret a borrower’s business acumen regarding cash, profitability, asset utilization and growth. 

  • Use credit data, financial information, and details of the borrower’s commercial operations to evaluate viability for credit extension through various financial instruments such as term and capital loans, revolving lines of credit, as well as finance and operating leases. 

  • Identify key risks and mitigating factors of potential extensions of credit, such as asset types and values, legal and ownership structures, geographic location of business(es), professional reputations, customer bases or industry segments.

  • Perform risk management techniques to protect the company portfolio.  

  • Participate in continuous improvement of systems, processes, and procedures for custody or control of records, collateral, security and other key business activities.  

  • Collaborate with internal departments including sales, documentation, funding, collections, and accounting to properly close transactions. 

  • Develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish work independently and within a team.  

  • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships and maintain them over time.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree and relevant commercial lending experience, required. 

  • A minimum of five (5) years of work-related skill, knowledge or experience, is preferred.

  • Using logic and reasoning skills to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.

  • Ability to apply critical thinking skills to business and credit decisions. 

  • Must work well independently and as a member of a team.

  • Ability to safeguard confidential and protected information, familiarity with privacy law and company policy.

  • MBA, preferred. 

  • Construction, equipment, industrial, and/or transportation equipment experience is preferred. 

Mental and Physical Requirements

  • Strong passion, drive, and work ethics of integrity and honesty. Always striving for excellence in all activities and forms of communication. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Able to read, speak and write in English.

  • Able to work under a demanding workload and stressful conditions at times.

  • Dependable, reliable, and capable of fulfilling responsibilities.