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What makes sense for your company: equipment lease vs. equipment loan
7/7/2021 10:18 AM

If you are looking for a way to grow your business and equip it to compete in new markets, investing in new machinery and equipment could be the answer. So then the question becomes, what form of heavy equipment financing is right for your company? 

How To Maximize Cash Flow Through The Use of Cap Loan; Equify Financial
7/2/2021 9:40 AM

What is a cap? A cap is an interest rate limit on a variable rate credit product that protects the consumer by limiting the amount that an interest rate can change over the loan term. Learn about what a cap loan is and how it can benefit you and your business. 

Why now is the right time to get equipment financing for your company
6/25/2021 10:12 AM

Equipment financing can help to bridge the gap between keeping an open cash flow and getting new efficient machinery, giving companies the best of both worlds. Now is the perfect time to get equipment financing for your company. 

Contractors Expect To See Higher Profits In 2021
6/21/2021 8:23 AM

2020 was a challenging year for so many companies, let alone companies in the construction company. Thousands, if not hundreds, of construction businesses, shut down their operations after the coronavirus pandemic hit. And the leading cause of business closure was the lack of funding to keep the enterprises alive. More so, getting the chances of getting loans were slim, and only a few enterprises got to secure them.

Equify’s Ability To Serve and Support The Ready Mix and Construction Markets
6/14/2021 10:48 AM

Ready-mix is being used increasingly in most domestic and commercial projects as compared to traditional concrete due to the several advantages ready-mix has over conventional concrete. Equify is ready to support your construction needs using the ready-mix concrete.

The Impact of increasingly higher material and labor costs on the Midwest construction companies
5/18/2021 10:43 AM

In construction, you need money. Everything from planning to finishing touches needs funding. And that is why most construction companies start with a plan in mind plus a budget to support every single item and service needed for a successful project.

Tips to finding the right construction equipment financing partner
5/17/2021 11:38 AM

Finding the right financing partner for your construction equipment is essential to running and growing your business. It's not always easy to find that right partner, though. Here are some tips and things to do when you're going through the process of finding the financing partner that is best for your company.

Welcome to our new website
12/1/2020 8:23 AM

We are proud to welcome you to our new Equify Financial website, built to better serve you.