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We are proud to welcome you to our new Equify Financial website, built to better serve you. Equify Financial is a privately-owned, independent specialty finance company with Fort Worth, Texas serving as our home base. We help to strengthen businesses across the nation so that no matter where you are searching for “equipment financing companies near me,” we can help. We do this by tailoring and customizing solutions to help you through every financial stage of your business. 

Our nationwide services

  • Equipment Revolver: For when your value is tied up in equipment instead of cash flow, we offer our revolving equipment loan. You can use this revolving line of credit as collateral to get back on your feet and establish a plan that improves your cash flow. We are proud to be there for you and customize a plan that works for your specific needs. 

  • Debt Restructuring: We know that picking and choosing what bills to pay can cause a lot of distress and we want to help mediate that. With debt restructuring, we can help to decrease your interest amount, adjust the time of the loan or reduce the remaining balance. We work with you to see what solution best fits your circumstance to help you get back to business and continue operations.

  • Equipment Financing: Sometimes getting the right equipment to keep your business in motion requires additional capital that you may not have, so you find yourself looking for equipment financing companies near me. By acquiring a small business loan from us you can get the equipment financing you need without sacrificing your cash flow. With personalized payment plans and finance options, we guarantee a business plan that best serves your needs. 

Our industries

From our management team to our sales and credit teams, we have a combined experience of over a hundred years in equipment financing for several industries. We work closely with:

  1. Construction companies

  2. Manufacturing companies

  3. Oil & gas companies

  4. Transportation companies


We have extensive knowledge working beside these industries and can help support you to make the best financial decisions for your company. 

Why work with Equify Financial

We care about you, and your business, because we’ve been there. Our team is built with people who have experience being in your shoes and working in your industry. It’s why we are a hands-on lender, meeting you where you are face-to-face to listen to your needs. We keep the lines of communication open and promise to be your partner for the long term. 

We work with you directly to guarantee a loan that works best for your business, customizing and personalizing every aspect just for you. Plus, we know that life happens. Things and circumstances change. That’s why we are flexible in our approach and accommodate your changing needs as they happen. 

Not to mention, we work nationwide. No matter where you go or how far you expand your business, if you are searching for equipment financing companies near me, we are able to continue working with you to help meet your needs. Whenever you need us, we can be there for you, helping you to keep your business up and running and remain cost-effective. 

Let’s talk

If you are looking for a way to finance your new equipment or need help staying on top of payments, let’s chat. Equify Financial is your partner and can help you to shoulder the weight of your finances. Contact us to learn more.

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