The Impact of increasingly higher material and labor costs on the Midwest construction companies

In construction, you need money. Everything from planning to finishing touches needs funding. And that is why most construction companies start with a plan in mind plus a budget to support every single item and service needed for a successful project.

However, some of the prices set on the budget might change in the course of the project, impacting the project in some way. Two of the main concerns regarding price changes especially seen in the Midwest construction companies are materials and labor costs. Both of which we can step in to help you fund. At Equify Financial, we are here to help you finish your project on time with all the funding you need.

Construction materials 

Commonly used materials in construction 

Every single item used to erect a building or build a road and make it accommodative is under building materials. Construction materials are the fundamentals needed for any project in that without them, you do not have a building or a road. Here is a list of some of the materials all construction projects needs;

Soil, sand, bricks, and stone

These four are put in one category because they all have the same source; the earth. Stones and bricks are the leading players in this group, while the other two act as the cohesive parts that fill up the spaces the stones leave between them. When it comes to construction funds to buy these items, they are the top priority because no building will commence without them.


Wood is usually used in the framing of all the openings, like doors and windows. When they are well cured, wooden parts of a building last centuries in good condition. Construction project savings on materials may also touch on wood because it is also an essential part of the project. And this is done by getting cheaper outlets to save on these costs.


Metallic parts of the building make it more sturdy and able to withstand inevitable earth shocks that could bring a building down without proper reinforcement. They are used to make the columns, the roofing, window frames, and other decorative arts in a building depending on the architecture. The most common metals used in construction are steel, iron, copper, brass, and bronze.


Cement is a binder that holds the sand, soil, and stones together as you build. It is the connector that is essential in any construction. It is used in all areas of construction, be it road or building construction. It is used to make concrete which is the strongest material used in building vertical and strong bridge columns that hold heavy cars and trucks without falling. 


Despite being breakable, some plastics are very sturdy and robust enough to be used in big building projects. For instance, some water pipes used in building roads and massive buildings are made of hard plastic that does a great job. Plastic is usually lightweight, which is fundamental in not adding any more weight to the construction.


Foam is lighter than plastic and is mainly used as an insulator in buildings to maintain heat. They, too, are essential in a construction project.

Reasons you may need funding from Equify Financial to get the above materials 


The first thing you may need funding is to buy all these materials. Indeed you may need to be able to buy everything on a need basis because construction is progressive. This means that you need refills now and then. That said, you will need to keep on spending money to buy all these materials whenever the materials are running out.

Replacement and repair

If you are dealing with an old building or road, you may need funding to do the replacements and repairs. Equify financial can step in and help you cover these costs, especially if they were not in your budget in the first place.

How is the rise in construction materials affected by cost?

First of all, we have already established that these materials have to be bought on a need-to basis. So much so, here are some reasons that may warrant a price increase and how they would impact any Midwest construction company.

Change of suppliers

Buying material when they are nearing depletion may mean that you might have to change suppliers; suppose your usual supplier is short on the item.

In this case, you might land on a supplier who is a bit expensive, and this will impact your budget, especially if you had a fixed one. Material cost-saving for construction projects can be a bit hectic, but we can help you mitigate the need to delay due to lack of funds.

This change may impact the project if the quality of the item is not the same. And this would mean that you search for a supplier with the same quality as you had before, which may cost more. Equify Financial helps you meet these rates and get the quality you need in your project.

Added taxes and importation fees

Another reason that may warrant an increase in material prices is if the material is highly taxed or incurs an additional importation fee. In this case, that extra amount may negatively impact any Midwest construction company if they did not anticipate such increases. Regardless, Equify Financial Funding may be helpful in this case too.

Labor costs in construction 

Labor is the human resources that are used in bringing together a construction project. The brains behind the plans, the budgeting, the building, and finishing are all catered under the labor costs. 

In this group, we have architects, project managers, financiers, engineers, plumbers, electricians, surveyors, masons, and any other helpful profession that may be consulted in the building project. Now, with labor, the costs may be a bit straightforward from the beginning if you already have your team intact. 

This is if you have a company with all of the needed professions in-house, and they are already on the payroll. For this case, the costs will be manageable. But what happens if you have to outsource them? There will surely be a rise in budgeting, right?

In this case, if you have to stay within your budget, you may need to look for people who will be okay with your rates, but it is not that easy, right. To get the best surveyors or electricians you will have to pay good money for excellent service. And you must because you do not want mediocre work done. So how does this impact the project?

How increase in labor costs impact Midwest construction companies

Increased labor hiring costs

Different professions require different rates such that you cannot just create payroll and expect it to stay intact. This way, you may be losing some funds because some people are hired on a task-to-task basis while others are there from the beginning to the end of the project. For instance, a project manager is there the whole building journey, while a surveyor may only be there for a few sessions.

An increase may come in if the rates of these outsourced professionals are higher than you had budgeted. And so, this forces you to seek funding elsewhere. Equify Financial may step in and help. If you do not take a loan, you may have to borrow funds allocated to another sector in the project, which will cause some form of delay in the long run.

Increased labor training costs 

In any Midwest construction company, training of some sort may need to be taken. Things like fire drill training and any other danger response training may also be incurred in the process of the project. You may also need to train the working staff on things such as first aid or using a particular machine, which will cost some money that you may not have allocated in your budget in the first place.

Equify Financial may also come to help you cover these extra costs.

How an increase in material and labor costs affect all Midwest Construction companies

In a nutshell, when both materials and labor costs are on the rise, they would impact all Midwest construction companies in the following ways if you do not have an extra stream of funding:

  • There may be a delay in the acquisition of both assets.

  • There may be a needed transfer of funds from another sector resulting in a later delay.

  • You may end up using low-quality materials, which is not suitable for the project.

  • You may end up with labor that is not qualified to give you quality work.

None of the above are any project managers wish. You want to complete the project on time and within the budget set. Equify Financial will significantly help.

Bottom Line

With Equify Financial on your team, you will have a better chance at mitigating the four likely scenarios in the event of a rise in material and labor costs. So contact us today to get all the help you can get from us.

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