How to Attract Workers in the Construction Industry

How to attract workers in the construction industry

Like many other sectors, the construction business is presently confronting a long-term personnel problem: how to attract the next generation of young employees to a job that some consider unattractive and out of date. With the industry's reliance on the baby boom generation leading to higher retirement rates, recruiting and maintaining a younger workforce will be critical for the industry's long-term viability.

Adopting new technology into the organization is one viable option that can significantly alter the age demographic of hiring construction workers and all the other benefits that turning digital involves.

The impact of construction image on recruitment 

Construction labor has a bad reputation for being physically hard, and younger generations are increasingly opting for 'new economy' employment, which may provide a completely different working environment. Other industries, for example, have seen a growing preference for flexible working hours and "good fit" cultures.

Of course, money isn't the only factor to consider, but a competitive wage is always appealing in any field. So, the financial benefits offered in the construction industry will ensure that it retains some attraction - the question is how to best capitalize on this and persuade young people that it is a worthwhile profession to pursue.

Adopting digital tools to attract young recruits 

The adoption of contemporary technology is unstoppable in many aspects of life, and it is unavoidable that buildings will follow suit. Attracting younger generations today will secure the sector's long-term success while also making the transition more straightforward, and it is how top construction companies are attracting and retaining employees. With time, the older generations that presently form the backbone of the business will retire, leaving a vacuum in the workforce. It will have to be filled by younger workers, who have the added benefit of being more tech-savvy and better positioned to offer value as the workplace transitions to digital.

The traditional image of the construction industry may be challenged and made more appealing by introducing and showing the usage of technology such as smartphones and tablets. Seeing cutting-edge technology in action, such as robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, and augmented/virtual reality, can help recruit a young workforce.

Using modern tech to increase efficiency in construction 

Technology investments may enhance construction activities' efficiency, speed, and accuracy and make the sector more appealing. Our operational data collecting systems, for example, allow important site data to be gathered and handled more effectively utilizing smartphones and tablets. This near-real-time data enables a far more proactive decision-making process to be implemented, with positive effects noticed by teams across the organization.

The reality is that if a firm sits back and waits for more brilliant young people to come to it, it is unlikely to be a very successful strategy. Embracing digital technology and then spreading the word through marketing efforts will help you get worldwide recognition and handle a shortage of young talent.

Tips for Hiring Construction Workers

Step 1: Build Your Brand for Better Communication

Establishing a brand to attract workers is just as essential as building one to attract customers, believe it or not. 

Establish Priorities to Show That You Care

One of the primary problems in the construction business is safety, which should be a top priority. That's why demonstrating how you handle your safety precautions is a wise move. Discuss your long-term safety record, how you handle workplace risks, and how you aim to improve in the future through your communication channels. Your message will demonstrate that you care about the health and well-being of your staff.

Embrace a Worker-First Mindset

Before the 2000s, working in construction meant working long hours in the most inhospitable conditions. Employees didn't have many alternatives back then, so they were obliged to accept. Many businesses have made steps to improve their employees' mental health in recent years.

Embrace Your Current Workforce to Avoid Losing Them

It is self-evident. Rather than having a high turnover rate, your firm should try to keep its personnel. It's less expensive since you won't have to set aside money for hiring efforts. It also reduces the chances of unexpected staff shortages.

If your employees are dissatisfied, something is wrong with your work environment, remuneration, philosophy, and so on. We can teach you how to get new employees, but we can't tell you how to keep your present ones happy. To be able to fix your weaknesses, you'd have to examine them.

Allocate Signing Bonuses to Encourage More Applicants

If your budget allows, provide signing incentives to get more individuals to consider working with you. However, they must be conditional on a minimum period of work. People may abandon their employment if they do not receive their bonuses.

Build an Effective Careers Page

Assume you've completed a successful digital campaign. You've created advertisements, sent emails, and even urged your workers to post job openings on social media. All that's left now is to pique prospective' attention with a decent internet careers page.

Write a Compelling Mission Statement

Let's be honest. Nobody wants an uninteresting mission statement. To make your firm appear professional, avoid using jargon. Instead, talk about your company's culture, what you're looking for in an employee, and why working with you is unique and worthwhile. Oh, and don't refer to it as a "mission statement." Choose a title that reflects your values and goal.

Add Testimonials to Show Credibility

Don't pretend to have the best workplace; instead, let your people speak for you. When you provide testimonials on your careers page, it shows that your firm is honest and trustworthy.

Step 2: Source the Best Qualified Employees

After you've established your brand, you're ready to start looking for workers.

Tips for Making Smart Hires for Your Construction Company

Use Job Boards for Basic Prospects

Some argue that as social media develops in popularity, job boards will become outdated. Nobody knows what may occur. Even yet, job boards account for a sizable portion of today's recruiting market. Niche employment boards are typically less well-known than conventional job boards. 

Consider Recruitment Firms to Source Confidential Passive Candidates

The absence of screening on job boards is the main issue. You may receive hundreds of applications, but only a tiny percentage of them will have the necessary abilities. It isn't the case with recruiting firms. They have a vast pool of applicants that have been carefully chosen, pre-screened, and referred. As a result, the prospects you receive will have a better chance of being a good fit.

Recruiting firms may also offer you unique information about your local neighborhood. You'll learn about wage rates, career expectations, available skill sets, recruiting difficulties, and much more information that you won't discover anywhere else.

Reach Out for Students

Giving talks at local high schools or universities is an excellent method to get the word out about your business.

To engage students and give them a general idea of the construction business, provide summer employment, internships, or apprenticeships. You'll be the first firm they think of when they're old enough, even if you don't hire.

Step 3: Crown Your Efforts By Interviewing the Right Way

You've developed your brand and identified high-quality leads. The big day has arrived: the interviews.

Stay Transparent for Your Benefit

A transparent recruiting procedure is the best approach to improve your public image. Keep your prospects informed of your progress. You can even apply early in the job posting. Give an estimate of when you'll respond to each application.

Then create a recruiting process checklist and send it to your prospects whenever each item has been completed or failed. Candidates who do not hire will reconsider their position and take appropriate action if you share your procedure with them. You never know; these rejected prospects could be ideal for future jobs.

Post-Interview Surveys to Improve the Process

You won't be able to hire everyone you interview. However, individuals who didn't make it can still aid you.

A phone survey may do use to follow up on your interviews. Inquire about their interview experience, what they enjoyed, and what they think might have gone better. It will offer you a better idea of what the future holds. You might be interested in our recent piece on how to enhance the applicant experience if you're an HR professional or a business owner.

Step 4: Offer Continuous Training for Your Newly Hired Employees

Instead of being trainers, most construction businesses are doers. They usually put new employees in a crew and tell them to keep an eye on things and attempt to keep up. Proper training, on the other hand, should be structured and methodical.

In the first two weeks, nearly all employees experience low productivity. As a result, you should make the most of this time.

How to Attract More Labor Force into the Construction Industry

Offer Career Paths

The most excellent workers are those that want to advance in their professions. They want to know that there will be opportunities to grow when they move into your company. Inform new hires (as well as current staff) about any promotion prospects. Should inform prospective workers about various career options (especially those that are still students).

Invest in your staff by meeting with them to discuss their career aspirations. Then, explain the training or education they'll need to achieve those objectives. Even better, give business assistance in assisting employees in reaching their goals. Tuition reimbursement, mentorship opportunities, and in-house training are all examples of this.

One of the effective ways to acquire people is to offer intriguing career options. It also fosters employee loyalty, ensuring that current staff remains with the firm.

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