How construction companies can benefit from equipment financing

Construction companies deal with a wide variety of different equipment thanks to the various sectors they are a part of, like building construction, highway and bridge construction and more. The cost of the needed equipment can be overwhelming, with upfront costs being particularly staggering. 

Heavy equipment financing is one solution construction companies can try to get the equipment they need to remain competitive and expand their business. Plus, they can reap additional benefits like the ones listed below. 

Flexible solutions 

With heavy equipment financing construction companies can choose between different flexible solutions. No matter if it is an equipment loan or an equipment lease, companies will be able to extend the payments for their new equipment over a period of time, improving their cash flow throughout the year. 

Gets you out of a bind

Construction companies who need a specific piece of equipment to finish a job can use equipment financing to get the machines they need today to continue working and finish out their contracts. This helps to ensure that their projects do not fall behind schedule and avoid any interruptions. This can help keep their customers happy and provide more job opportunities and referrals. 

Newest equipment

Heavy equipment financing will give construction companies access to the newest and most up-to-date equipment without needing to have the funds outright. These machines are often the most expensive ones on the market and can set companies behind if they attempt to buy them. Not only will equipment financing allow companies to acquire better equipment, but it also allows them to purchase multiple machines at once, a feat that may have been out of reach otherwise. 

More opportunities

The types of jobs and opportunities that are offered to construction companies will depend on their capabilities which is heavily influenced by the equipment they have access to. By adding new equipment to their balance sheet they can expand into different areas and new markets. 

Equipment financing also presents new opportunities because it can turn a “no” into a “yes!” Companies will not have to turn down job offers because they do not possess the needed equipment.

Preserve your cash 

Investing in equipment is a large capital expenditure that can be a risky venture should an unexpected economic downturn occur or there is a decrease in available jobs. Financing equipment allows you to preserve your hard earned cash and save for the future. Being allowed to build up your capital each month can eliminate stress surrounding unexpected bills. 

Avoid obsoleteness 

Companies that are unwilling to adapt to the ever-changing market will lose out to the competition. They also run the risk of their inventory becoming obsolete. Upgrading equipment will help to keep companies up on trends and never be without a new necessary feature. 

Equify Financial 

There are a ton of benefits that construction companies can gain when they decide to finance their equipment! When you are ready to expand your business and need a heavy equipment financing partner, turn to us. Our team is ready to help. Contact us today.

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