Halving Payments, Doubling Success: A San Antonio Story of Growth Through Strategic Financing

An adage goes, "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." But for one San Antonio company, the element of opportunity was slipping away. Despite their readiness to undertake a major bridge construction project, the financial burden of purchasing necessary equipment threatened to impede their progress.

The company needed a substantial investment of two new 2023 Liebherr LTR1220 Crawler Cranes for the upcoming project. But the catch was their existing loans. With monthly payments of approximately $120,000, taking on additional debt for the cranes would significantly strain their cash flow, potentially derailing their growth plans.

That's where we came in.

As a trusted financial partner, our mission has always been to find smart, sustainable solutions for our clients that foster growth, not stifle it. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, our team got to work meticulously reviewing the company's existing loans and financial structure.

We proposed a simple solution: refinance their three current loans and extend the terms. This decision would cut the company's monthly payments from a hefty $120,000 to a more manageable $60,000. By halving their monthly commitments, we could free up enough of their budget to finance the two new cranes, adding no extra burden to their monthly outgoings.

The company was initially skeptical, understandably so. But we reassured them that our proposition was a win-win: they could secure the necessary equipment for the bridge project without incurring additional costs and free up more capital for other growth initiatives.

By reshaping their financial landscape, we could turn their situation around. The San Antonio company purchased the two Liebherr Crawler Cranes they desperately needed for their project, and they managed to do so without compromising their cash flow or risking financial distress.

But the success of this strategy went beyond just securing the cranes. By halving the company's monthly payments, we helped them improve their bottom line, freeing up a significant portion of their budget that could be reinvested into their operations, staff, and future projects.

Looking back, this San Antonio story is a testament to the power of strategic financial planning and a reminder of why we do what we do. It underscores our commitment to finding innovative, sustainable solutions for our clients, allowing them to seize opportunities without jeopardizing their financial health.

The San Antonio company's story is just one of the many we've been privileged to be a part of. Every day, we strive to create similar levels of success, helping businesses navigate the complexities of finance and equipping them with the tools and resources they need to grow. After all, in business, growth is the ultimate measure of success, and we are here to ensure our clients achieve just that.

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