Assisting Traditional Banks By Working Out Non-Compliant Bank Loans

Banks offer financial assistance to various individuals and companies for countless reasons, but all too often these loans become non-conforming and fail to meet the bank's criteria for funding. Before we dive deeper into non-compliant loans, it is important to first understand what they are. 

What is a non-compliant bank loan?

A non-compliant bank loan is also called a non-compliant loan, and it is a loan that does not meet all the lenders' criteria that allows the bank to fund. Any government or agency does not partly guarantee these loans. And they can be as a result of a couple of reasons used in the traditional loans:

  • The borrower does not have sufficient credit

  • When the loan amount is higher than the conforming loan limit as in a mortgage

  • When you want to use the loan for an unconventional purpose.

Credit History

The first place a traditional corporate banks loans lender looks at is your credit. And if it is not in good standing, you miss out on a loan. Suppose you have many debts that still linger unpaid or forgotten, your credit will be what does your credit will be harmful mean? and the bank will not give anyone who shows any sign of not reimbursing the money back to them.

Higher loan amount to the loan limit

If what you are borrowing is beyond what the bank can offer, or instead what they consider not to their standards, you get a non-conforming loan. This is often seen in mortgage borrowing, where the property does not meet the lender's code. So instead of denying you the loan, they offer you the non-conforming loan.

Using the loan for unconventional purposes

When it comes to how banks lend commercial loans, they find out precisely what you shall be using the money for. This is nothing but a prudent step to ensure that their money will come back to them. If they disagree with what you plan to use the money for, they instead offer you this type of loan.

Qualities of a non-compliant loan

Since you have seen what the non-conforming loan is, here are some of the characteristics of a non-compliant loan that traditional banks offer:

  • They are high-risk loans

  • They have steep interest rates

  • They are usually the last resort if all other options fail.

Types of non-compliant loans

These types of loans will differ from institution to institution as well as the country, but here are the general kinds:

Low Downpayment

This loan occurs if the downpayment on a mortgage is low. The average threshold is usually set at 3 to 10%, and so if it is beyond or below this, the loan is a low downpayment non-conforming loan.

High Debt-to-income (DTI) ratio loan

If you have a DTI above 42% with a credit score below 630, you get this loan. So if you have a DTI that is 50% with a crest score of 550, you get this loan.

The benefits of non-conforming loans

Even though they do not meet most traditional banks loaning criteria, they still offer them because they help the borrower one way or the other. And here are some of the benefits:.

They have low downpayment requirements

If you qualify for a non-conforming loan, you can pay a downpayment as long as 0% on the property if the bank approves it.

They have a larger loan limit

If you wish to get an expensive piece of property, a non-conforming loan maybe your best option. In this case, you can apply for the loan, which offers you a limit above the standard rates you would get from traditional corporate bank loans.

They help you access more types of properties

The fact that you can use this loan for unconventional purposes, you are at liberty to get whatever piece of property that you require a compliant loan might not have approved that. Unconventional purposes do not, however, mean illegal. The use must be legal by the state's laws.

They do not require a perfect credit score

Even though you have a lower credit score, you can still land a non-conforming loan that will still afford you the opportunity to own the property. The loan will be customized to fit your needs, not necessarily limiting you due to the low credit score.

The disadvantages of non-compliant loans

  • High-interest rates

The borrower must be ready to pay back the loan in hefty charges that can be too much compared to the non-traditional commercial bank loans.

  • High risk

The lender is always at a disadvantage since the loans are very high risk, meaning they may or may not return. And that is why they set up steep interest rates to cover any losses.

  • You have very few options of lenders

Not many institutions are willing to offer you non-conforming loans simply because they are high risk and are unwilling to take that route.

  • There is a slim chance of qualifying for this loan

Despite the fact that the lender is lenient in offering you a better chance to qualify, however, qualifying them is not that simple. 

What are the main differences between a compliant and a non-compliant loan?

Non-traditional commercial banks often stay clear from non-compliant loans but instead go for compliant loans, and here are the critical difference between the two kinds. So here are the rules that distinguish the two.

Selling entity

Compliant loans may be sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, but the non-compliant ones can be sold to any other lender like us, Equify Financial.


When comparing the two, the conforming loans tend to be cheaper than the non-conforming loans. And this is primarily because of the high-interest rates tied to the non-compliment loans.


The fact that qualifying for a non-compliant loan is tricky despite its lower qualification standards tends to be rare. Compliant loans are often very common.

Loan limits 

The compliant loans have a set limit depending on the state, size of the company, while the non-compliant loans tend to have an unlimited or rather not a set limit. The limit is often custom-made for the client.

How Equify Financial can step in to help

Did you know that banks also borrow money from other banks and financial institutions?

Well, they do!

Banks and other financial institutions borrowing from each other impose federal funds rates, which are specialized interest rates. In that case, as Equify Financial, we offer the same amount of financial aid to traditional banks. We are an institution that is willing to give you that backing so that you are able to provide your customers with these non-conforming loans.

All in all, your institution will benefit in the following ways if you get a loan with us:

Transparent money transfers

The first thing we give you is a transparent process from beginning to end. Every transaction is openly laid out so that you are in the loop throughout the whole process. And this is for both traditional and non-traditional commercial bank loans.

Custom-made payment terms

We offer a broad base of financial aid that is very specific to the borrower. That said, we are meticulous in finding out everything your bank is all about and depending on the requested loan, we create a plan that is beneficial to both parties.

Impecable customer service

Suppose you have any pressing questions or queries you would like cleared out, our trained team of customer associates are here at your beck and call. They have the necessary training and knowledge to help you with whatever issue you might have. We are here to help you offer your client's non-compliant loans.

We will guide you through how Equify Financial banking loans work and so much more.

Bottom line

Non-compliant loans are not for everyone, but if it is the only way to get to a successful path, then go ahead. Perhaps your credit score is lower, or your investment does not make sense to the lender. But worry not, Equify Financial can deliver to its promise to help all.

Just keep in mind that besides the lenient nature of this loan type, it still has downsides like higher risk, high-interest rate, and limited lenders. But if you can deal with that, then why not! It is a loan that can help you grow and expand your business and allow you to acquire properties you could never get with a compliant loan. 

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