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Giving Back

Giving Back

Causes we support

At Equify Financial, we make giving back to the community a priority. It’s an honor to commit to doing our part for the impactful organizations we support.

Brain Treatment Foundation

Brain Treatment Foundation is dedicated to providing support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehabilitation, research and public education to transform the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion, children with mild to severe cognitive or neurological disorders, the elderly population dealing with physical and cognitive function decline and members of the military diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress or a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Third Option Foundation

The Third Option Foundation seeks to provide immediate post-casualty care and resiliency support to members of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations special operations community, and their families.

Due to the sensitivity of the operations that members of the community carry out, their families are not eligible to seek out support from the multitude of existing charities, relief organizations, and government programs that help families of the fallen and the wounded warriors from this special community.

The Third Option Foundation fills this gap.