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Equipment financing

Financing for new or used equipment purchases.

Equipment Leasing

When your company requires capital other than traditional financing.


Consolidate all of your debt into one loan.

Equipment Revolver

Your business can draw funds to meet your operating cash or investment needs.

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What Clients are Saying


Our company has been working with Equify Financial over the past three years

in the start up of a new business. Equify has been a big part of the success in growing our business. The loan approval process, loan restructuring and flexibility have all been handled timely and on a very professional and friendly basis.

We have been working with Equify over the past five years

 and have completed a number of deals with them. They have been a good financing partner and we have enjoyed working with them over the years.

- Alexander Scott

I have been working with Equify Financial since 2017.

Our relationship with them has enabled us to accommodate the growth and development of our business. Their customer service is exceptional. They have the most expeditious loan process. Highly recommend.

There was a specific deal we were able to get done for a customer..

Bryan and I first met after he reached out to me and I started sending deals based on his experience and how helpful he had been when I was new to the industry. There was a specific deal we were able to get done for a customer that required corp-only approval - that customer is talking about his next trucks from us, in part because of the financing we were able to provide through Equify Financial.

..during the height of a worldwide pandemic..

In 2020 during the height of a worldwide pandemic, Equify Financial was referred to us by another lender, as a surface mining and reclamation company, they thought Equify’s people would be the right people to help with a cash flow struggle. Equify Financial proposed a plan that included refinancing all eight equipment lenders which provided immediate cash flow relief with the first three months of interest-only payments followed by a remaining term with monthly payments that were reduced by more than 40%. Equify Financial also assisted in selling off underutilized equipment and applied all proceeds as a principal reduction and rescheduled payments to further lower the monthly debt service. The company is now thriving coming out of the pandemic and has said that we saved their business and key employees.

..Heavily invested in new equipment in an effort of upgrading its fleet

In the summer of 2020, I called upon a trucking company that had heavily invested in new equipment in an effort of upgrading its fleet. The additional debt burden was supposed to be offset with several lucrative contracts established the prior year as the prelude to a revenue record-breaking year. With the onslaught of the pandemic, work was slowed at best and in most cases terminated. The mounting debt burden put the company's future in serious jeopardy. Ownership reached out to Equify for help with very little operational capital remaining and little time before decisions on the company's future would be forced. Equify was able to evaluate the entire equipment fleet and negotiate with the other participating lenders in a deal structured to pay off existing debt while giving the company time to perform on current contracts and begin the climb back to profitability. The company has survived the shock of the pandemic and has gained additional contracts and is financially back on track.